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Oct 19, 2012

Today I found out some news. The kind of news that punches you in the gut and burns your skin from the inside out. A friend of mine has been given 6 months to a year to live. She battled breast cancer in the past and won . . . but it's come back now like a vengeful whore.

It's not supposed to happen like this.

She is just like me - a young mother in her early thirties. Her son is my boys' best friend in their entire world. He knows that his mommy is sick and he's scared and sad; he's only 3.

And she has twins that just celebrated their FIRST birthday last month.

It's not supposed to fucking happen like this.

I have always claimed that I wish my father lived at least for a short while after I was born so we could have shared something, anything; 1 year, 6 months, 3 weeks even. These children will have had that time but it still doesn't make a damn difference. When they grow up, they will not remember who their mother was, and that wrenches my heart to the point where I can barely breathe. And I don't know how she can even get up every morning knowing that will be the fate of her own children.

They will have photographs and foggy segmented memories, but they will not have their mom.

She doesn't know that I have this blog or that I'm writing this, but I need to do something. I told her that I could have her son stay over whenever she needs a break; I need to do more. She couldn't even go back to work because what's the point? She just finished her maternity leave 3 weeks ago! GAH.

So here's what I want to do. I want to raise $1500 for her, which would work out to be 2 months of childcare for her eldest son, so he can continue to be with his friends, as well as alleviate some stress from her at home. It's not much, but I'm hoping it's what I can do for her and her family.

Now, after factoring in web server costs (etc), I've never made a dime from this blog (and I'm fairly broke) but I'm okay with that -- this just means that I need a favor. It will be the only thing I'll ever ask from you, my readers. Even if only 10% of you give ONE DOLLAR, I can reach my goal! All you have to do is click on this donate button and it will go directly to a PayPal payment page. Easy! I've also added one of those cheesy-assed thermometers to track my goal.

Sadly, time really isn't a luxury with this. 
Please help today!


  1. Leighannn said...:

    I am so on this!! And I can do more than $1

  1. This is heartbreaking. It is my biggest fear, right up there next to losing one of my children.
    If it were me...I don't know if I would want them to spend even a minute away from me. I don't care what the money goes to..whatever she feels is best is fine by me. Can you DM me an address to mail you $. I don't 'do' paypal but want to help. @playpossum12

  1. angel shrout said...:

    I really don't have a dime to my name myself currently. But I do have the ability to pimp the shit out of this blog post and hound the hell out of 3 million people because it is the right thing to do..

  1. Michelle W said...:

    Will give what I can. But I will definitely share this with all of my followers on Twitter, facebook, etc.
    This is so heartbreaking. As a mom, I just, I can't... there are no words.

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:


    I completely agree with you, but I think (especially when she gets worse) some sense of normality and routine in his life will be so helpful to him. Really, nothing is okay in this situation though.

    Thank you!!

  1. RoryBore said...:

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer sucks. Also, fuck it stupid damn disease. I am at ShesConnected right now, but will bookmark this page for as soon as I get home.

    Please, if I can help in other way: re-blogging this post, tweets, whatever, let me know! my email is on my contact page


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer and thankfully caught it early, currently going through treatment, had surgery, etc and have a good prognosis. This however is my biggest fear. To not be here for my three kids. The hardest thing was to tell them and see the fear and sadness on their faces. Cancer sucks and I am happy to help out. I know how much it means to have everything run smoothly and keep some normalcy during such a time. My heart goes out to your friend and her family.

  1. Boobies said...:

    I'm getting a blank page when I click to donate. Guide me the right way...I want to help!

  1. Boobies said...:

    Disregard...I got it. Your friend will be in my thoughts. FUCK CANCER.

  1. Jenbug said...:

    I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. I've done what I can. I hope it helps.

  1. Lady, I am so, so sorry.
    Of course I will donate. Of course I will spread the word. If course I wish there was more I could do for you.

  1. Fritter said...:

    On it. And will help spread and repost the weekend!!!! I'll also let Twiniversity and my other twin contacts spread the word.

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:

    Everyone's support has been amazing!
    My heart is full, thank you!

  1. April G said...:

    I came here from The Three Under, and as a mama of 2 year old twins and a 4 year old, my heart aches for this family. It wasn't much, but I donated what I could and will try to spread the word.

  1. Any friend of Farrah's has got to be a good person. I came here and I found out it to be true. I'll be donating in just a minute.
    As someone who lost someone to breast cancer and still holding onto a survivor...you are doing more than being a friend. You are showing the world that friendships through blogging can get things done! Cancer can suck it!!!

  1. Diane said...:

    Donation sent. I have reposted and will ask others to shre the link.

  1. MrsJenB said...:

    I'm on it, and like others plan to share this.

    This breaks my heart. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and of course to your friend and her family.

  1. Jennifer A. Hall said...:

    Ohmigosh. I've been through this EXACT thing, Lady E. Literally. My friend Emily thought her breast cancer was gone, but it had spread to her lungs and liver. A year later it was in her abdomen, growing like wildfire. She barely made it to her 30th birthday, dying a month and a half later. She left behind her husband and 7 and 4 year old children. It was thoroughly heartbreaking for everyone. It's been 5 years and not a day goes by that I don't have at least a passing thought of her.

    What you're doing here is so sweet and I know your friend will truly appreciate it. (((HUGS)))

  1. Laura@Catharsis said...:

    Goddammit. I'm so sorry. That's not fair. My friend's sister is in the same boat. She beat breast cancer twice -- in her twenties and again in her early thirties. Now, she's in her late thirties and that's it. It's come back, and the doctors give her very little time to live. Cancer is a bitch. And it's not fair. I tried to click the link to donate, but it went nowhere. Can you leave the link on my FB page? http://www.facebook.com/catharsisbylaura I want to help.

  1. Laura@Catharsis said...:

    Never mind, it worked. I donated. Good luck.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Shared on my FB page.

  1. Sandra said...:

    Consider it done.
    I am so so sorry...there are no words I can say. But you are your usual trooper self, and you will have the strength she may lack at times....sigh...I don't even know what to say...Going to my Paypal Doll!

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:

    Wow. Thank you so much, everyone! xx

  1. tracy said...:

    Done. I'm so sorry. Also sharing now. xo

  1. Alison said...:

    Oh this just broke my heart into a million pieces.
    I've given something. I hope it helps.
    Also, sharing this post!

  1. Lady E your link to donate isn't working. I went ahead and signed up for paypal so get the link working and tweet the link again and I'll be able to make my donation.

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:

    It works, I promise :) Try again.

    Thank you!!

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