First World Problems & Some Crack

Oct 4, 2012

Holy hell! The last seven days have been a flurry of craziness. First, there was my sexting drama, experiencing racism in my town, and getting my boobs squished. Then we lost cable, including 2 whole hours of television watching that I'll never get back; and finally, tipping the balance was when I found out that these pants are being sold to the general public - and NOT in a Halloween'ish, ironic sort of way . . .

If I had to choose, I would actually prefer if every woman on earth wore tights as pants than to see one woman wearing these (and that's saying a lot), especially with those hooker heels. I think my exact words were:

So while I'm busy recuperating from these horrendous crimes against my senses, please check out my guest posts this week. I'm in TWO places, so pick your poison or if you really love me, choose both!

1. I'm In The Powder Room today, talking about my post "multiples pregnancy" body and all the glorious ways it's fucked up . . . in the most humorous way possible.

2. My good friend Q over at ThankQ is basking in the sun right now and asked me to hold down his virtual fort. I am ranting about teen pregnancy, but more specifically when they are barely teens themselves. My boxing gloves are thrown down and it's bare knuckle time. Gah!

And to all of my Canadian homies reading this, I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend, full of gluttony and complete invasions of personal space by drunk relatives. I shall leave you with a special Thanksgiving message that can only be expressed properly by Adam Heath Avitable. (Warning: You might never be the same after clicking this link.)



  1. Workingdan said...:

    Those pants rock! Fred Flintstone would love them!

  1. Kevin said...:

    They need to bring back the Zubaz pants!

  1. Even MC Hammer won't touch those...

  1. I want a guest post also I'm picturing you in those pants I can't help it.

  1. Avitable said...:

    Hah! My Thanksgiving post will live on in infamy long after I'm gone.

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:


    Yes, thank the gods for that glorious nut sack of yours.

  1. Ah, leopard pants. Aren't they always in style.

    P.S. I'm starting the afternoon off right...drinking from my Cunt Dragon mug. :)

  1. At least those pants don't have stirrups.

  1. Thank Q said...:

    Thanks for the wonderful guest post! I have three more days in San Diego and I have to make the most of it! By the way, I always thought Peggy Bundy was hot.

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:


    She was/is hot, but that's not my point... rrright? LOL


    AWESOME! Have a slurp for me!

  1. T. Roger Thomas said...:

    Those pants certainly are expressive

  1. Lance said...:

    my 8 year old daughter would wear those pants every day

    uh, we're a liberal family here

  1. Sarah Mcdougal said...:

    Wow! You really have had a week! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you'd stop by my blog and follow me back!

    Have a lovely day!

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