Jun 14, 2012

It's like WOW!

As mentioned a while back, I was approached to do a review on a sex toy and seriously... HOW COULD I REFUSE THAT?! So, of course, I graciously accepted and I chose to get the WOW dual g-spot & clitoral massager by Ladygasm.com. Hubba, hubba!

The design was what first attracted me to this model. If it's one thing that turns me on, it's ergonomics. Mmmm, ergonomics. When I first opened my precious package of pending pleasure, I was impressed with how soft the silicone was, like SUPER soft. It's also nice and small - please enjoy my plus-sized hand modeling...

It is a very cool looking design, even if I do know exactly where it was taken from...

But I won't tell. Shhhh. 

I cannot resist mentioning some of the dumbass reviews that I read before I chose this one. One in particular ADMITS to having inserted it the wrong way and found it "uncomfortable and too big". Ummm, either this girl was a virgin that's never even been fingered properly or... (insert another excuse; I'm at a loss), because, well.. even the WRONG end ain't that big. Please view exhibit C on the left:

Also, why the frickity fuck would someone think to shove the part that has the controls up their cooch is extremely entertaining to me. 

Aaaaanyhow, the photo on the right shows a close-up side view to illustrate the cool little ridges that stimulate the g-spot and the pink pleasure horn1. Ooooh! Honk, honk.  

It needs to be clarified that this is a vibrator, not a dildo. Perhaps that might be stating the obvious to most of you, but I truly think there are many that assume they are synonymous with each other and they are not - or at least, not always - and not in this case.

This is a vibrator or better yet, a simulator. It's not for ramming in and out of your glory hole like a fiend - that's what my other toy is for. Ahem. This WOW has 7 vibration modes and after some fun playing around, I've decided my favorite setting is Buz-Buz-Buzzzzzz. Buz-Buz-Buzzzzz (and so on and so forth). The vibration intensity is impressive and can definitely be felt both internally and externally. 

I have two wise insights that I would like to convey.

1. To the R&D department, although a superior product, I still would have liked the internal end to have a bit more backbone in it - like a pliable spine. It's almost too soft... like inserting a semi-flaccid mini penis. Once it is inside, it's perfectly fine, but that initial part was a little off putting.

2. To my lady people, this is a great little vibrator with some serious power. Also? Said power comes from a plug-in charger - NO BATTERIES, EVER. Win!

My professional bullshit suggestion is that this toy would be best used during foreplay or perhaps after a good solid pounding (whether it be with another or alone), then insert this little fire cracker and just sit back and watch the waves come crashing in - pun totally intended.



This is a sponsored post and I don't care who knows it, because... hello? FREE VIBRATOR.

1. You better fucking believe that I submitted that to the Urban Dictionary. 
I need to expand my verbal portfolio over there - its current state is severely lacking.


  1. OOOH I LIKE IT>> and now I want one..

  2. @Middle Child

    If you're going to get rid of a penis, I suggest having a back up - real or synthetic - it doesn't necessarily matter ;/

  3. that thing looks out of this world! I'm guessing its worth every penny. lol.

  4. I see this being fun in the 'toy plus boy' department...

  5. So much awesome here, I don't know where to start.

    The twat that inserted the controls up her cooch AND was stupid enough to ADMIT to doing it? priceless.

  6. It looks scary. But good for you? :)

  7. Haha someone put the wrong end in and you're awesome jewelry came today :)

  8. I have to second Carrie's comment.

    Fingers crossed she couldn't figure out how to reproduce either.

    Also this just might be one of the best reviews I've ever read on a blog. Nice job!

  9. Hahaha! Just for the review of Princess I've Never Been Laid, putting it up her hooch the wrong way??? Totally fucking worth it and now I want one! Omg.. What's next on the free product agenda?? Butt plugs? Clit clamps?? I'm dying to know! :D

  10. This kinda looks like the Vibe something or other from Aren't we Naughty. I like it but it needs something more.

    I do enjoy the plug in feature.

  11. I think I stumbled onto the wrong blog post...

  12. @Thank Q

    Oh, you're at the right place, darling! :)

  13. Looks like an awesome little toy! Might have to check that out

  14. oh my...I want on for my collection...
    great review

  15. You should not think whorizontal anymore, girl (no, I'm not saying YOUre a whore - dunno you from Adam; I'm saying the world has whorish attitudes). God bless you. Meet me in Heaven Above, miss gorgeous, where I'll serve you forever and ever. See ya soon.

  16. LoL this is hilarious. I love it! Especially the part about the chick putting it in the wrong way... ;)


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