Jun 21, 2012

And the years go by.

I haven't participated in on of Mama Kat's World Famous Writing Prompts in a while now, but that's not to say I don't read them all the time. Something about this one caught my eye: "Dig out your high school yearbook and share a message a friend wrote that stands out to you.


Call me masochistic but I thought it would be interesting to dust off the old book and take a quick nostalgic trip down that tumultuous high school lane, but it turned out to be much more than that. It was full of love. Or rather, memories of love once felt by a special person in my past, and for a brief moment in my life, I reciprocated his love. I had forgotten that he wrote this - it's been so long. But even now, after all these years, I feel warmth, affection and love when I read it... and that's a wonderful thing.

Dear Steph,

Well here I am writing and where shall I start, because is has been such a fun time knowing you. We started out not knowing each other's names and we ended up having such a good time - for example that fantastic Halloween to that exceptional Christmas, with many things said, which I might add were meant then and now nothing. Who knows, in another time and place there might be two people just like us that end up together. As the time has gone we have both changed - it could only be expected.

With everything said and done, I've had a great time and I wouldn't change my time knowing you for anything. In that time I have changed for the better and because of you, I view things in a different light. It is not easy remembering all the good times we had together and writing about them because they make me feel so happy but equally sad. And you know why because all the things we love come to an end eventually, which is the hardest thing to face but it will slowly get easier in time, but never forgotten.

One other thing is that you frustrate me at fuckING times and don't forget to drag out the "ING" when you say it. You drive my insane, woman! But all joking aside, no matter what we do, or how far away we travel, or how old we get, my memories of you shall always be with me.

I could have written forever.

All my love,

Mama's Losin' It


  1. Aww hun.. that is beautiful. Definitely something that you should hold onto and cherish.

  2. One of the things in my year book that I remember without even hunting it down was writte by a friend of mine who has since passed away. It was truly beautiful. He wrote, "Like me where I pee."

  3. Wow. Should read Lick, not like. Big difference.

  4. I should add an editor's note that explains that "fantastic Halloween to that exceptional Christmas" is just really a nice way of saying "a lot of sex". I took his virginity at Halloween. Aweee, isn't that kind of me? Bahahaha.

  5. It's lovely to know that you impacted each others lives, in a way you both will never forget. lost loves are never truly lost.-JBD

  6. AWWW. That's super sweet. I love high school love. So dramatic and raw.

    Also- GREAT post idea. That Mama Kat's a smarty.

  7. This wants to make me find my yearbook and tear up a bit instead of laugh hysterically. Maybe I'll do both.

  8. I tossed all of my yearbooks, but that's a great entry. Pretty wise for a high-schooler, no?

    Hi from MK's!

  9. @TKW

    YES! I was amazed he wrote this - only 17 at the time. Wow.
    It was completely not like him.

  10. One question remains (thanks for illuminating Halloween for us)...do you still draw out the ING?

    1. @NatteringNic

      Like you wouldn't fuck-ING believe.

      Also? He is one of the best swearers I've ever known, such conviction - and we still keep in touch so I can confirm that he's still got it. Haha

  11. That was beautiful. What a great find after so many years! I had a high school sweetheart who used to write beautiful cards to me...then I married him. I might have to dust those puppies off and remind him. Or break out into "You Don't Bring Me Flowers..."


  12. Wow, that was a very thoughtful yearbook entry! Sounds like that fella had a good head on his shoulders. So why did it end!?!

  13. So bittersweet.
    He seemed so full of frustration, love, and confusion.
    I have a feeling you left a lot of that in your wake


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