Nov 28, 2011

What You All Must Think of Me!

I usually do Five Funny Fuckers on Fridays because of the whole alliteration thing and shit, but it was a pretty damn funny week over on The Twitter side of things so I'm cheating. It's my blog. Whatever. I try not to have my two online worlds collide very often, but I absolutely must share with you what people have sent me. I'm sensing a trend as to what my online friends find and think, "Oh, Lady Estrogen would LOVE that." But you know what? They're usually right. It's fantastic! Keep it coming!


"At Breakfast or later in the day, a Dickens Cider is the perfect pick-me-up!"
I laughed for an hour and OH MY GOD, I am totally buying one of these t-shirts!

OK. So, I guess I should mention that I first came across a crocheted vibrator cozy on Etsy and posted it on Twitter.
But this? Totally trumps it:
Those are some funny looking cocks 'n nuts, yo! 
And more importantly, are these customizable?


This was sent to me as a DM, so this confirms it - vagina photos ARE sent as DMs. Ahem.

And OK, yes, if I had one of these, I would totally be doing rude gestures to it before I ate it out. 
I mean, all. ATE IT ALL.

This is a blog post that my warped sense of humor earned me an honorary appearance in. 
Why? Because I favorited Carri's tweets about how Anxiety Disorder can suck hairy balls... all types of hairy balls. Yay!
And now I am posting how she re-posted my tweet.
Put that Post-Post-Modernism in your pipe and smmmmmoke it! 

And the pièce de résistance...
And THAT, people, is what hard work can accomplish!
So. Fucking. Phenomenal.
Do you KNOW how many websites are out there about hoes?! It's an immense Google honor!
I wonder what other words I can type in that will result in my blog appearing on the first page?

You know I will be investigating.


  1. Just confirmed the hoe phenomenon, comes up on the first page for me too haha.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA... for the life of me I would have never seen it coming, that you, Lady E, and me, Sweaty that Sweats the Small Stuff, could ever be friends. But somehow we do, and I have just one thing to say about it. My knowledge of all things sexual has definitely expanded exponentially by regular visits to your blog. And had I been reading your posts much sooner, I could've probably enjoyed much, MUCH more sex than now (granted that it's totally non-existent these days). Halleluyah!

  3. I am loving the cupcakes!! xx

  4. I love the cupcakes. Um the poop shooter video was a contender right?

  5. @Jessica

    OMG. I loved the Poop shooter vid. It was in a blog comment, so I completely forgot. NEXT TIME.

  6. Your legacy is building darling, one tweet at a time! The cupcakes are classic!

  7. I wish everyone understood *me* as well as they understand *you.* Those are fabulous.

  8. I am truly honored to have played some small part in the creation of this post. I feel almost famous.

  9. Wow, the dick-warmer is awesome. But I prefer the fleece version.

    In the states we have novelty shops called "Spencers" at the mall. They sell a penis-snuggie called the Tuggie. Google it. It's awesome.

    Oh, and if you're getting me a Christmas present, look no further than the tuggie. Just sayin...

  10. @Handflapper

    You ARE famous, darling :)


    Check and check.

  11. Wait a second: have I been spelling "skanky ho" wrong for my entire life?!

    Vagina cupcakes? Kind of awesome.

  12. Yay. Such an honor to be found under ho.

  13. Seriously, the cupcakes? Dying. I love how there are all so different - very true to life. Not that I know or anything I've only seen mine. Well, that's not entirely true. We'll leave it at that!

  14. Those cupcakes are gross. I want to make them.

    That last one is really the best thing that could have happened. Like ever.

  15. Those cupcakes are AMAZING!! And they look delicious.


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