Feb 7, 2013

Spillin' Some Beans

So, I haven't had my mind on writing the last couple weeks, but I have a pretty big reason why. In 2 weeks from now, I'm going to be putting myself (and my ideas) out to the Dragons (or Sharks, if you're reading this from The States). It's the first round, so it's actually the producers that I have to get passed first, but you get the idea.

I'm auditioning for Dragon's Den 
and yes, I'm freaking out.

But in a really great way.
This is the stuff that really gets my eyes twinkling and my lady bits all pudgy.
Adrenaline through invention.
Oooh, yes.

I'm going to side step a minute and share a little "hard lesson learned" story that happened to me 2 years ago. I didn't write about it then, mainly because I was so devastated that I didn't want to relive any second of it, even through writing.

I approached a very large, Canadian-based company that makes luggage. I submitted 6 concepts to them, with a pitch and I stamped each page with a "©2010 Intellectual Property . . . blardy blargh blar." I never heard back from them; not even an auto-reply. Then, about 10 months later, I happened to visit there site because I was going overseas and needed a new suitcase -- and there, in the "new additions" where T-H-R-E-E OF MY SIX DESIGNS.


I called immediately and of course, the first person I was directed to had never heard of me. Then I became more irate. The higher up that I was passed to . . . knew exactly who I was. He told me, in a slightly more politically correct but no less douchey that they had changed the designs "just enough" that I could take them to court if I wanted to, but I'd never win against their team of lawyers. Asshole.

And he was right. I looked in to retaining an intellectual property lawyer and he said that it would require no less than $10,000 to go to court. So, I learned the hard way and at the end of the day, the artist gets screwed as a corporation gets fat off my ideas.


So back to present day. I have 5 designs that are simple but fantastic for twin infants. They really are, I promise you. I have tried to get prototypes made but since my prior experience, it's been difficult approaching random people with my designs, not knowing where they will end up without my permission.

Instead, I'm going to approach the Dragons/Sharks for manufacturing investments; I've done all my facts and figures and I have to say, they are pretty damn sweet.

So, here's my young little pipe dream -- hoping that one day, it will be the "go to" brand for everything for twins (and triplet stuff too, but not as much, sorry!)
If you have twins, or just want to support my bid because you love me, please go to the site (www.artandpolly.com) and tweet your support! The more tweets, obviously, the better. I'm also trying to get some celebrity buzz happening, but sheesh, that Angelina is one tough lady to pin down. JerryMolly? Anybody? Pssfftt.

Anyway, thank you to everyone in advance!

I'll let you know if it goes well. 

If it goes shit, I doubt I'll mention it. 

Just being honest.

Deep breath . . .


  1. Good luck you crazy lady!!! Every thing I can possibily cross for you is crossed.

  2. This is so cool, I don't even know how to express myself. If you get past the producers I hope you plan to tweet the nights it's on - I hate TV, but I'll keep my cable bill current so I can watch you pitch your ideas.

  3. I tweeted! Good luck!!!

  4. Good Luck!! I'm gonna go tweet!

  5. I support you because I adore you! Also you're smart.

  6. This! Is! So! Exciting! My husband LOVES that show. He's always trying to come up with something to pitch. I adore the logo. And I typically hate everything. Fingers and toes crossed for you and bad karma vibes to the ripper-offers. Turds.

  7. Good luck with your product pitch! Just prove why

    We have a rule at work where we supposed to give the legal department any unsolicited ideas instantly. Oh lawsuits.

    Great posts all around! Give me feedback if you have free time to surf over to my blog. Yup, trying to make new blog friends! Talk about unsolicited!


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