Jan 2, 2013

Why I don't have a New Year's list

Happy New Year, everyone!!

So far, I've already learned something useless — and I thrive on useless information — which is that 2013 is the first year since 1987 in which all 4 digits are different. Huh.

I'll let you chew on that for a while . . .

OK. So, I haven't had much time to sit down and itemize all my deep and meaningful quandaries about life and love from the past year, but I have some perfectly valid reasons:

1. Hubs has been home for the duration of these holidays and he has this "thing" about me constantly being on technology (or making crafts, or anything that doesn't directly affect him in a positive way) whilst he's home. Seriously. We've got the next 50 years to get sick of each other, just let me play with my shit, mmmk? Ugh.

2. Holidays mean food. Food is distracting.

3. Holidays mean extended family. Extended family is annoying.

4. After nearly 2 months of the family being an astonishingly bright beacon of health, all hell broke loose. Sick children are fucking disgusting.

5. I've been going after jobs like a bull after a matador's ass. Customizing my awesomeness for each individual position is exhausting.

6. I painted THREE rooms in my house over the holidays. We moved into this entirely white house in December of 2010 and I'd been using the whole "but I'm working all the time" excuse not to paint. Well, I thought I'd call myself out on that bullshit. Since I'm not working, I finally wanted something DONE around the house. I'm most proud of this accent wall. I made these window edges my bitches, y'all!

7. And finally, I got a Wacom drawing tablet for Christmas. Soon, I hope to draw some more, well, productive drawings, but for right now, I've been busy testing out the easy subjects — getting a real feel for the hardware, ya know . . .

And I know you're all wondering with bated breath, so I'll just put it out there once and for all . . .
Yes, I do commissions.



  1. I'm too distracted by your drawings to leave a meaningful comment. And strangely aroused.

  2. Penises and Vaginas - this is why I drop by!

  3. @Workingdan

    You're not meant to be aroused by fine art!!
    Ah hell, who am I trying to kid.
    Arouse away.

  4. 3 rooms. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?
    But, I do like the grey.

  5. Love the accent wall. I have been wanting to change our walls forever. Not got it done yet. Bwhahha love the drawings I would probably do those or boobs lol.

  6. Okay, I was feeling all cerebral sitting there thinking about the 1987 thing, then I was seriously impressed by your painting. Painting around windows is a bitch, and now I've lost my train of thought with your afro-ed genital drawings.

    Happy New Year!



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