Nov 23, 2012

Because who doesn't love dirty words?

I've only been home with the boys for one week . . . five damn days . . . and I'm already sinking deeper into my shameful, juvenile self-amusement to help pass the time. Don't get me wrong, it's been amazing not being in a RUSH to get anywhere, but of course, I have my moments.

Like this one - since apparently, I cannot be trusted with alphabet beads - I thought I might as well share my warped, yet satisfying word making joy with the rest of you! (And yes, Bearded Iris, I thought of you most of all. And that's why we're friends.)

So here's the deal: There are TEN dirty words in this jumble. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING WORD SEARCH. It's just all the letters of 10 words jumbled together in a hot mess; there are no extra decoy letters, I promise. Get it? Good.

I will give one hint: DOUCHEBAG is not one of the words.

The convenient thing is that just a short while ago, I received TWO copies of Michelle Rumball's new album with a personal "thank you" from her and I'd been meaning to figure out how I was going to give them away. Who's Michelle Rumball, you ask? Remember when I did that video a while back? That's the musician and yes, THAT song is on the album. She's pretty fantastic! If you enjoyed the video, you'll love the album!

So, those are the prizes; and I have twoooo. Enter your 10 word guesses in the comments -- two people who get them all right (or the closest to getting them all right) will get sent this fabulous CD.

Forgot the song? Oooh, here it is . . . (cough, cough, self promotion, cough, cough)

And yes, I was doing all this while the boys were making "I LOVE GRANDMA" bracelets. 
I realize I'm a horrible mother, whatever. 
They can't read yet! 


  1. actually... i just realized you said no decoy letters. Now I am just mad at myself for not reading the directions and trying this boggle-style... i give up.

  2. Hahaha. You actually didn't do too bad!!

    And wasting time? Pssft, isn't that what the internet is for? YAY.

  3. I found ducky! Yaaaaay!

    Rubber ducky, you're the one....

  4. you know, you should open up more, come out of your shell. - that's're awesome

  5. Wait a minute... We have to come up with a bunch of dirty words and we get what????????? I thought at least porn would be involved in the prize. WTF?

  6. The soft core is in the video - see? It's all connected somehow. HA

  7. Just watched it! Great song, voice!

  8. I don't know about you, but any Marie I ever knew was up to no damn good. Lisa's too. Lisa Marie had no hope in hell of winning life.


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