Sep 24, 2012

Shop Locket & Me

I've been so freaking excited this weekend after FINALLY getting around to trying Shop Locket after my "friend in a clay way" suggested it to me ages ago. Holy motherfucking hell. From the time I created an account to the time I saw my arts n' crafts being pimped on this site right here (look to your right) was no longer than 15 minutes. "OK, but you're a giant nerd," is what you might be thinking but I promise you, it was no harder to use than uploading images and comments to Facebook.

"But Lady E, what the fuck does it do?"

It helps you sell your shit. Plain and simple. Ohhh yes, so damn simple.

The reason why I think it's so amazing is because I know many of us create something every now and again. . . but then to sell it? Get exposure? Set up a storefront on Etsy just for one item? Seems illogical and extremely annoying, if you ask me. It doesn't even have to be something that you have "handmade" - it can be anything you want to sell, period.

Yes, it does have processing fees like Etsy, but they aren't up-front. Etsy makes MILLIONS of dollars from artists and crafters that very often don't even sell a single item. Etsy is like a beautiful but evil Siren that lures you in with her sexy, crafty wiles and then drowns you. . . but not before she takes your money. Shop Locket functions more on a "consignment based" business model, which works out just fine for me.

I know art is expensive and it is a slow sell (which is why I don't own an art gallery), but here's the thing – 48hrs ago, it was sitting in my office being seen by no one. Now? It's up for sale on this site and since Shop Locket tracks views, it's telling me I have had over 250 impressions this weekend. I don't know of many art galleries around here that could have done that for me anyway. It's pretty fucking fabulous!

Shop Locket integrates with your existing PayPal account, so if someone actually does eventually buy something off my site, it will go nice and smoothly. There are advanced settings for tax and shipping as well, if required. It's got what you need, baby!

I realize that, as bloggers, we write for the love of writing (hopefully) first and foremost, but let's get down to brass tacks here, people – making some money from our other talents anything short of street walkin' should be made easier, and I believe Shop Locket has done that, and then some.

"But Lady E, I don't even have a blog!"

It doesn't matter. It's true that I am quite smitten with the fact that I can embed my for sale items right into my website, but apart from PayPal, all you need is Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest (or all of them, if you so desire) and you can whore out your items through those social media platforms. No website required.

So, do you crochet the shit out of a scarf? Or perhaps cross-stitch lovely phrases?
Screen printed onto some boards you stole from a construction site?
Everyone that participated in Craft Whores will have something glorious to offer the world, I'm sure of it. 
For realzies, though. Try it, you'll like it!


This is not a sponsored post. Like I said on The Twitter, I pimp when things deserve to get pimped.
This is one of those times.


  1. Oh cool! I've been thinking of putting some jewelry I make up on Etsy, but I'm too lazy to put in the effort. I'm totally checking it out.

  2. Awesome idea. No use for me, but I know a certain scrappy someone who is sick and fucking tired of etsy...

  3. Brandon, I hear ya.
    Etsy is like Ikea - I LOVE to HATE it.

  4. That effing video had me rolling!


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