Jun 10, 2010

Orgasm Junkie

I dated a guy when I was 19 that I had picked up at a nightclub. This never happened to me before so it was a cool experience, but not fool proof by any means. I actually liked his friend a lot more, but it was him that took interest in me that night. After last call, we went back to his place and had fantastic sex. It was more that that... it was the first time I had ever been brought to orgasm. WHAT THE HELL WAS I EVER DOING BEFORE THIS? I had thought I had had one in the past, but until you actually have one, YOU – WILL – KNOW! He was going down on me and all of a sudden, I started getting a warm, tingly feeling in my toes. Then it spread up my legs and exploded out my bellybutton like a geyser of pure ecstasy. He succeeded in giving me 3 that night! After that encounter, I wanted to gorge myself on this pleasure every chance I got.

There was 1 problem... the next morning I got the opportunity to get better acquainted with my talented suitor – he was friggin’ annoying as hell! I worked with it for a while and tried to ignore it. Luckily, his friends were all really cool and we had a fantastic time together, as a group. One other guy in their group even started dating one of my best girlfriends. The guy I was dating had a great “hang-out-friendly” house, so everyone always ended up at his place. I rarely had to deal with him on a one-on-one basis, except when we went to bed (where there was little talking anyway).

Time when by fast, and before I knew it, this guy had been my boyfriend for 7 months! 7 long months of mind-blowing multiple orgasms... from the most annoying guy I had ever met. I was completely hooked and I even became a little demanding about it, like a jonezing addict. Luckily, he LOVED performing his duty for me. It turned him on so much that sometimes he would climax on his own... while he was going down on me! How often does that happen?! I barely had to do a damn thing. I knew I was being a selfish lover but I didn’t care... up until that point.

After the 8th month, I started to feel a bit guilty, mainly because by then I could barely even stand to look at him anymore. Every time I heard him laugh it was like nails on a chalkboard. I knew I wasn’t being fair to him; I was using him for his tongue, just as long as he didn’t use it for talking! I tried to break up with him every weekend for the next 4 weeks, but it was never the right time. Finally, one afternoon I had gone over and on this rare occasion none of his friends were at his place. 2 hours of mind numbing conversation with him had sure helped me to finally muster up the nerve to initiate the “break-up” talk. He took it rather well; it went better than I thought. Then, all of a sudden I started to cry... hard! He gave me a raised-eyebrow sympathy look and rubbed my back, like he was touched that I was upset about our break-up. Yeah, right! I couldn’t care less about him. I was crying because it had just hit me that my once endless supply of orgasms-on-demand had just been cut off – COLD TURKEY! It was hell.


  1. LMFAO - I felt your pain ;)

  2. The ending really made me laugh out loud!

  3. Seriously sucks. I don't know what I would do if my boyfriend and I had to depart anytime soon... he is awesome.

  4. haha- I have been in the exact same situation years ago. It was all fun and games until he stalked me at school afterwards....

  5. Yikes! That isn't good. We all get the crazies after us from time to time :)


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