Sep 6, 2012

Introducing: What's your damage?

There's this crazy guy that I met through Dude Write that goes by The Birdman and has a blog at Change The Topic... and ya know what? He and his wife are damn good people! I have a bloggy crush on both of them, but I won't say which one I like more. *cough* Aaaanyway, The Birdman has already been doing a feature called Therapy Thursday and when we got to talking, I was all like, "Hey! I was just thinking that I really want to start doing something like that too on my blog." He was awesomely generous enough to hand over the rungs at his place to dip my toes in, especially since he already had some letters that obviously needed some of Lady E's tender loving care -- so here it goes, drum rolls please -- this is officially the very first What's Your Damage? feature!

Here is an excerpt from the submission:

I recently become a father for the first time 2 months ago, Around a month before this, the mother of my child ended our relationship. This came completely out of the blue to me as there were no signs that anything was wrong. I attributed it to depression etc. Anything to rationalize it and convince myself it was temporary. I've since realised that, although she has told me I did nothing wrong and she acted solely on her feelings about the future, it was not a temporary thing and there geniunely is nothing more for us...

Please check out Change The Topic to see the the rest of his letter 
and the advice I gave...
PS. Don't listen to Smarty's advice; he's a douchebag ;)

And if YOU have a question, whether it be about sex, relationships or anything in between, please feel free to submit directly to me from this site (100% confidentially, if you like -- just don't fill in the name or email).


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