Feb 3, 2012

Foxy has the floor!

As the second part of my lovely birthday gift (See? I told you I'd stretch out my birthday as long as humanly fucking possible) Foxy has send me a fabulous guest post about having sex after the kids, and stealing those lovely little moments. Warm welcome to a Foxy woman!

Having The S*E*X after Having The K*I*D*S

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, why yes I am a total Star Wars geek . . . thanks for noticing, my husband and I had a rather ambitious sex life. We endeavoured to be adventurous, playful and even jump each other on a more than regular basis. It was fun. It was pleasurable. At times it may have resembled a letter to Penthouse.

Ah yes and then I got pregnant. Irony: Having sex is what created a “situation” which led to NOT having sex. Holy hell, I was not a pretty pregnant lady. I vomited numerous times a day which pretty much sucked the libido out of me. What little bit of libido was left behind after the pregnancy was soon laughed out of me by newborns.

Now that there are no more newborns in our house and I am not pregnant, the husband and I are endeavouring to be ambitious once again.

Take for example this little story.

One night we were busy getting busy. It was a rare night when the kids had not yet made it into our bed and we were totally taking advantage of it. Things were getting hot, I may have been muffling sounds of pleasure and I was getting close . . . oh so close . . . when suddenly there are the sounds of crying coming from down the hall.

NOOOOO! Not right then. Not when I was sooooooo close.

Seeing as I was the only one with any sort of clothing on, albeit it was only a shirt, I jumped up and headed into the kiddos room to cut them off at the pass and not let them think they could join us in our bed.

There I am, sans any sort of bottoms, gently rubbing the back of my son silently wishing him back to sleep so that we could finish where we had left off.

We got lucky that night . . . the kiddo went back to sleep rather quickly, my mood wasn't completely destroyed and we finished where we had left off. That is what you call compartmentalizing one’s life! Sexy lady with my husband . . . caring mommy with my son! That is what sex is like for us after the kids.


I hear ya, sister! This week, we may or may not have grabbed a quickie in the hall 
while the boys were watching a movie in the next room. Wait, whut?...
Thanks again, Foxy lady! Love you long time :)

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  1. There's a reason my kids' bedtime was promptly at 8...

  2. She is a good mother. If I was that close, I would have locked the bedroom door and let the kid cry it out. Good thing I'm not a mom, huh?

  3. If I was that close, I would have let them cry a wee bit longer, and I DO have kids. Ahem. Lol

  4. Star Wars fan? Your awesome points just went up 10 fold! :D

  5. Aw thanks for thinking I am awesome for the whole Star Wars thing @Zombie!

    My dear Goddess, I have no lock on my bedroom and I was just not prepared to be answering questions as to why daddy was kissing mommy there! ;)

  6. My kids are in bed at 7. They are getting old enough now though that we have to make sure the door is closed and I dread the point when they get old enough to know what is going on when they wake up in the night saying "whats that noise mommy?" Time to soundproof our room??? You betcha!

  7. Great choice for a guest post and now I have another awesome person to follow!

  8. How many times have I had to go in to put my daughter back to sleep!!! That's the reason why I leave my shirt on.


  10. @Kayla

    That's cool.
    Yelling is OK, but I prefer screaming ;)

  11. Wait....you guys are having sex? LOL. Just kidding. Once in a while we get a nice long session but most of the time, its lock the bathroom door and catch a quickie before he goes to work.

  12. Hhahah that is unfortunate. One of those things they don't tell you about parenthood, I guess?

  13. Since I have not had any sex for the past -gawd-knows-how-long- I'm definitely up for anything that can enhance, ahem, this particular area in my life. Yes, God, I'd even compartmentalize!!! I'm so horny, I think even with my daughter banging on the door I'd still be able to get off.


    Lucky you.


  14. One of the many reasons why I don't desire children.


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