Sep 30, 2011

A Special Anniversary

My first love.

This month marks a special milestone for me, for us.
It will be officially 20 years that you and I have been together.
Through it all.

I have changed and grown.
You have changed as well.
You took that journey with me, as my tastes matured.

Yes, you have made me bleed in the past.
But I forgave you for that.
We worked through it and you became softer.

There were times you became worn out.
I still loved you no matter how rough you looked.
And then, miraculously, you grew a new pair.

When other guys turned me down, ignored me or rejected me,
You were always there, comforting me;
You never judged.

No matter what I wore, you looked great with me.
We were a match like none other;
My coordinated life partner.

My mother never approved of you.
Even when you were clean and shiny.
She just didn't understand what we had.

On my wedding day, she held her tongue.
She realized how strong my love was for you.
And we looked fabulous together!

Now, 20 years later, you still turn me on.
Your style still excites me,
And I still want to feel you every day.

So here's to you, my first love,
Doc Marten.
You fucking rock my world!

{source: Volksrat}


  1. I still have my Doc sandals that i bought in 98. Memories.

  2. Doc Marten used to make me bleed too, but then he knew I liked it rough ;)

    Now, where did THAT come from? See what hanging out with you has done to me? Sheesh.

  3. @Leigh Ann

    Ah! I have some old pairs, but not that old. I moved around too much so things like that didn't make the cut. So sad.


    I have NO IDEA what you're talking about. lol

  4. This is great!! After reading it I remembered a scene from RENT, or song rather, Joanne talking to her parents "forget your doc martens" or something like that LOL ...

  5. Oh Doc Martens, how I miss you! I wore mine to death when I was in university.

  6. Ah, Yes. Boot love. I felt the same way about my Cougar Boots. (ala 1982 Canada winters; not "I'm 40, you're 20, let's do it" cougar boots.)

  7. @Jeni

    Bahaha - awesome.
    Cougar Boots, yay!

  8. This is so bizarre. But that's why I like it!

  9. I totally thought this was going to be about your dildo.


  10. poems to shoes are fun.

  11. @Margaret

    I'm just full of surprises :)

  12. Haha! You crazy chick...I have had an epic affair with the doctor myself for many years.

  13. I was allowed to purchase one pair when I was in grade nine.
    I bought the jean pair.
    The only pair not covered by the warranty.
    The only ones that fell apart.

  14. My husband had a pair that got soaked in antifreeze then flooded in a hurricane. Still wore those suckers.

  15. I think those shoes could withstand an atomic bomb. The ones in the picture are really cute!

  16. I was loving my Docs 20 years ago. We broke up for many years but I have been tempted to have a reconciliation. So happy that you have been going strong together all these years. Thanks for Rewinding. Nice to meet you x


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