Milking the Moo Cards

Sep 26, 2011

Thanks to Klout (under my breath... fucking Klout), I got 100 free cards from Moo. I guess I can't be too hard on Klout these days, as much as I'd like to. I mean, come on, free cards! To a design nerd such as myself, this is more exciting than I should really admit. Way fucking exciting! I had a bit too much fun thinking of slogans to put on the back. It was tough because in as few words as possible, I wanted to sum up what someone would expect when they come to this site. After a long and strenuousness process, here is what I decided.

What do you think?

OK, I can't just let the others fizzle and die in my hard drive, so I'll post them too -- 
kind of like a few honorary mentions. 

And this one came about after a brief comment exchange with Avitable...

Thanks to Brandon (at Lost in Idaho) gracing me with this title, I tried this out...

And this one I just felt like trying out...

Finally, my info-graphics. I liked this one, but thought it would need translation.
Translation: Woman. Whore. Mother.

Have any more that I should try out? Let me know.
Have any you want me to try for you? I'll give it a whirl if you ask nicely.
I come cheap, and these days? Easily.


  1. Ha! I like the digital whore, but your choice is awesome. I'm getting my moo card tomorrow I hope! But obvs, no comparison to the cunt dragon. Cunt Genie, maybe?

  1. Lesley said...:

    I've always been a sucker for cunt dragon.

  1. They're all awesome! I like the last one.

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:

    @Leigh Ann

    I know - that one is growing on me more and more. It's a tough one! lol


    Long live the cunt dragon!

  1. Random Girl said...:

    ooh, I got the same Klout perk but hadn't really looked at exactly what I could do with I'm super-excited!! I love all of these by the way!

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:

    @Random Girl

    I mean... we can get/make cards any day... but for some reason, FREE cards is that much more exciting.

  1. said...:

    I'm just picturing you with your legs spread and a neon "Vacancy" sign flashing after the 'open for service' line.

    I'm glad I can sometimes be a muse to your whore-dom. I live to serve.

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:


    I'm glad you can be a muse to my whore-dom as well. It works nicely.

  1. karen said...:

    The Cunt Dragon one is priceless! I need one that says Cunt Dragon in training or something! LOL!

  1. Sofia's Ideas said...:

    Those are all fantastic but if you are taking votes, I'm thinking the last one! Excellent!

  1. Bridget said...:

    Digital Whore is the best by far!! But seriously, I love them all. Can you have them made into bumper stickers for my minivan? How do you think that would go over at the PTA?



    Love the first one, cuz I love Yoda. LOL.

    The second one... hmm why did I somehow get a not-so-pretty picture in my mind upon reading this? Something resembling a burnt sausage?? Ugh, go figure.

    Not crazy about the third one. But then again you and Adam Avitable clearly operate on a higher plane than me. So I blame it on my low IQ on this one.

    How can I not love the fourth one, when it's something that I can relate to so very much? Ha!

    Fifth one... ?? OK, blame it on another low IQ moment.

    Sixth one... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! This one is my absolute favorite!

    ({0}) is so dang sexy. HAHAHAHA.

  1. Carri said...:

    HAHAHA You should have gone with the last one.

  1. Leighannn said...:

    What the he'll is a moo card?
    I like anything that references the vaj

  1. mamamash said...:

    I really like the last one. A lot.

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:

    In hind sight, I should have just got them all. Oh well... next time.

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