Sep 19, 2011

She Once Believed

During my February is Music Month, I had reminisced on how Pearl Jam have been and will always be my favorite band of all time. I'll admit that I don't necessarily listen to them a lot these days, but when a goodie comes on the radio, I always have to crank it.

Such good music; 
such great memories forever intertwined with that music.

I had explained how seeing them perform live had me experiencing an uncontrollable reaction of breaking down into tears from a song. Black, to be more precise. A reaction I had previously thought was only experienced by crazed girls chasing after boy bands. I was wrong. I got it then -- I get it now.

So now it's come that time again that they are touring, but it's not just any tour - it's the 20th Anniversary of Ten. How fucking old do I feel? Well... as it turned out, about as old as everyone else at the concert! Not a single hormonal pre-teen in sight! It was bliss. (Especially after attempting to recover from the horrors experienced at the Katy Perry concert.)

I was looking forward to hearing all  the songs that make my lady bits reverberate, but once again, I was taken by surprise. The opening cords of Nothingman began to play. Out of nowhere, all the little hairs at the back of my neck prickled. Next, there was the pause... wait for it... and then he cried out...
She once every story he had to tell...
One day she stiffened...took the other side...

And I was done. Tears. Like a baby. Happy tears. Streaming down my face.
I was even doing bottom-of-the-lip quivers. What the hell, dammit!

What more can I say - except for that even after twenty years, that man's voice and words can touch me in places like no one else. I'd easily consider me and Eddie's relationship the best I've ever had :)


  1. Awe. Some. So glad you got to go. I will always hold that album close to my heart.

  2. JEALOUS MUCH? yes, i am, thank you. eddie vedder will always be one of my secret boyfriends (and chris cornell, and every other 90's alternative grunge god). i just heard some new music from them last week- loved it! so happy you got to see them!

  3. Songs do that to me too. A combination of the sound and the words and the power put behind them. Some make me cry tears of joy, some tears of sadness, some of anger. A truly great musician can connect with their listerners through their music.

  4. I'm a crybaby when it comes to songs too. Not a fan of Pearl Jam. I think it has something to do with seeing one of their CD covers back in the days. Didn't remember what's the name, but it had a face filled with pox-marks if I'm not mistaken (sorry, memory's not so good anymore). It gave me nightmares, hence I stayed away from Pearl Jam.

    But yeah, somehow I could picture you there, tears rolling, lips quivering, woman's parts tingling, as you listen to Eddie ;)

  5. I have never seen them live and I have so wanted to! I LOVE Eddie's voice . . . haunting, sexy, powerful and soulful. Sigh.

    What a great way to cleanse your mind of the crap at the Katy Perry concernt . . . real music by such talented musicians.

  6. Black was always my can still make me weep like a little baby. Old memories and just the emotion of the song get me every time!

  7. *writing down notes*

    Ok, if you're trying to seduce Lady E, bring a Pearl Jam mixtape, and a poster of Eddie...

    *underline underline underline*

    I totally understand where you're coming from. When I hear Reel Big Fish in concert, I totally get the same way...

  8. @Karen

    Yes, Black is my favorite song too. I cried at that one too - but I expected it this time. haha


    Yes, take notes.


    You're funny - a CD cover? Really? Hahaha <- That's me laughing at your expense. Muah.

  9. Oh Pearl Jam, how I love thee. Of course Ten is the greatest, but thanks for making me feel that old. Dogs...the double album? LOVE!

  10. OOPS! I linked the wrong url in my comment.

  11. I SO feel you on this one. My love for all things Pearl Jam and especially Eddie Vedder know no end. I actually just did a post about the movie Singles, specifically because it features a PJ/Eddie cameo. And Black? That song does things to me that I cannot explain. So jealous/happy that you got to see them to set your world back on the straight course after the Katy Perry debacle you endured.

  12. @Random Girl

    I remember pausing that frame that showed Eddie and Jeff in the corner ( I LOVE Jeff Ament too) and kept it there for a while to gawk. LOL

  13. SO. awesome. I can't even.

    PJ20 destination weekend was easily one of the best weekends of my life.

  14. Lucky you!

    Eddie makes my girly business happy too.

  15. Black is a hauntingly beautiful song. The moment I hear Alive i'm always instantly transported back to my dorm in college and some of the best times of my life.


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