Jan 24, 2013

Femstaches & Hot Asses

First off, today is my 35th birthday. 
I'm not going to ask you all for naughty photos because then they wouldn't classify as being "unsolicited" and I couldn't claim ignorance . . . but ya know, you do what you gotta do . . . mmmk? Ahem.


I haven't done a Writer's Workshop for a long time, and I don't even know if this overly qualifies, but I saw that one of the topics was: Something that made you laugh this week — and I couldn't pass up the chance to share this piece of journalistic brilliance with everyone.

I was in the waiting room at my doctor's appointment, minding my own business and reading one of the manky, out-dated women's magazines from the pile. I usually choose the one that has a famous woman on the cover that I detest the least, which isn't always easy. After flipping through page after page of advertisements for all the ways I can make myself a better woman, I found an article with a huge Frida Kahlo self portrait.

Ooohhh, art. I can read about that.

And then I read that the article was essentially about women with mustaches. Whatever. Fine. I've already invested my attention and I likely wouldn't find anything better, so I read further down the page and found this . . .

I had to take a double take and then I back tracked some reading and took a third take before I burst into laughter. I think I jump-started an elderly man's heart that was sitting across from me. You're welcome, sir, by the way. Mona Lisa, Mariah Carey, Tina Fey . . . and JUSTIN BIEBER.

That is hysterical as hell.

Bravo to Elle Magazine Canada and Joana Lourenço for that hilarious dig on the popstar. Loved it!

And since I have a plethora of useless art knowledge stored in my brain, I feel compelled to also share with everyone the amusing tidbit that Duchamp's L.H.O.O.Q. is actually a French pun that when said out loud, the sound of it translates in English to say, "She has a hot ass."

You go, Mustache'y Mona . . . and Lady Bieber!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! I'll be off stuffing my face with pizza and ice cream cake.

Mama's Losin' It


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Also, that's pretty fucking funny. Who knew Elle was funny?

  2. 1) Happy Birthday!

    2) Poor Bieber. The girl never gets a break, does she?

  3. @Bridget

    I know, right?! Blatant Bieber dig outta no where! haha



  4. I think this totally counts as a Mama Kat topic. I am glad you joined because you made me laugh out loud. Happy Thursday.

  5. Happy, happy birthday, Lady. And kudos on the excellent 'stache/teenybopperheartthrob/sexy French pun find.

  6. Happy birthday!!

    I was all excited about Elle until I saw it was Elle Canada...sigh. US magazines so rarely have real humor.

  7. Happy birthday to you! Bieber always looked like a 28 year old lesbian to me with that hair, so that dig was perfect. What I don't understand, is why Frieda is remembered for her rebellious mustache instead of her heartbreaking paintings here? Or her traditional fashion choices? Oh pop-culture, you never cease to disappoint me.

  8. Oh lord, that is funny. I always new Justine Bieber was a girl.

    And Happy Birthday... the naughty photos are on their way.

  9. Happy birthday! I had an Elle subscription for a year once (one of those dumb Rogers deals, I think) and cancelled it because it was so boring. Looks like they took my feedback to heart.

  10. :D Happy Birthday!!!!

  11. Happy belated birthday! Love the Justin Bieber dig!


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