Jan 11, 2013

An apology letter to a cunt

To whom it concerns,

I'm sorry that you have such a sad and boring life that you feel the compulsion to entertain yourself by bullying an amazing woman like my mother. She is loved by everyone that knows her. She is honest, caring and thoughtful -- 3 qualities you completely lack.

I'm sorry that you thought you would feel better about yourself by making up inflammatory lies about my mother and spreading them like diarrhea from your over-inflated ass.

I'm sorry you thought you could get away with your infantile (that means young or immature) behavior without consequence. My mother might be able to rise above it, but I'm not nearly as nice or forgiving as she is.

I'm sorry that you never graduated high school and feel insecure that everyone around you is more educated than yourself. I tried really hard to keep my words to no more than three syllables each.

And finally,
I'm sorry that I will likely never have the displeasure to see your smug face again. It would give me intense joy to return the favor and cause you even just one tenth (that's a fraction, by the way, or I could use 10% if that's easier for you to understand) the pain and stress that you have caused others.

The next time you're on you knees, it better not be for praying because that would make you the biggest (literally) fucking hypocrite north of the border. You'd be better off filling those loose lips of yours with something much less religious.

You are a putrid human being and quite frankly, a cunt.

Suck on it,

Lady E.


  1. *joins in on slow clap as it gradually increases in intensity*

  2. Yes. That's correct ;)

    And thank you!

  3. Wow E don't hold anything back darlin' tell her how you really feel. You sound about like me. I would whoop somebody's ass over my mama when she was here, including one of my sister's nearly the year she passed... mmm long story it got ugly I still don't talk to her.

  4. A lawyer has been retained. It's got ugly.
    And over what? We still don't even know beyond absolute utterly pathetic insecurity and school yard bullying gone too far . . . and she's in her 50s. Bravo, loser.

  5. Tell us how you REALLY feel! Love it. Way to stick up for your mom.

  6. Been a while since I've read you, but way to go! (fwiw, I love the word cunt--totally gives my rage an outlet)

  7. Ha! I so wish you'd have been able to say that right to her face. Your poor Mom.


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