May 3, 2012

Screws n' Farts n' Balls. Oh, my!

Whether it be through Twitter or just passing thoughts in my own warped brain, I finally put to (virtual) paper some slogans for some popular brands. Let's just say that if I was in charge, marketing would be A LOT more entertaining...

He says it in the latest commercial, but it doesn't quite make it to slogan status. Pity.
It would be the ONLY airline that I would fly. Ahem.
Whomever smelled it, dealt it. And whomever named a cell phone network WIND is a dumbass.
Well... duh.
Yes, please. Although I've found they are NEVER there when I need some assistance.
I'm sure it has some good qualities... right?
It's my kind of drink!
And just for good measure, I thought I'd throw in one that actually IS on a billboard in L.A., 
proving that there is someone out there in marketing with my sense of humor :)


Also, a BIG congrats to last week's winners. 

Leigh Ann (Genie in a Blog) won the signed copy of Unmarketing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

And also to Brandon and Suniverse who tied for winning the Platypus contest. I based this win by the 2 people that were able to guess the (apparently) 2 most difficult characters - ZoolanderPus and PriscillaPus.

Brandon requested a MormonPus (I should've known ;) and Suniverse got her very own platypus portrait,
complete with a custom made David Beckham vibrator.


  1. The blowpop slogan would have been fantastic if I knew this in high school. I can name 10 girls from my HS that always had a blowpop in their mouth.


  2. Yay! Can't wait to read it. With a bottle of Smirnoff vanilla.

  3. Haha *runs off to book an Aer Lingus flight*

  4. LOL I love the blow pop and the home depot slogans! :) That platypus contest was too fun by the way.

  5. That guy in the Vodka add doesnt seem too stiff. lol.

  6. @AccordingtoJewels

    Thanks :) I thought it was fun too!

    @Leigh Ann


  7. WE don't have a Home Depot near me, just a Lowe's but I can tell you there are some helpers there I would absolutely let screw me ahem... Once ya master the blow pops ya have to move on to the Rocket popsicles..ahem.

  8. Hahahaha, I love the Dyson one because a) either the marketing execs for Dyson are in on the joke or b) because the marketing execs fro Dyson are complete morons!

  9. I love your work so much! And that airline.

  10. Ads that are enjoyable :)


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