Mar 29, 2012

What's in a Hoodie?

It's been a while since I've done a good rant, so please bear with me on this one... and of course, contribute your opinion as well. I feel I need to say a few words about the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin - in a round about way. Before I get on my soap box to what is really pissing me off, I want to first and foremost say: Yes, it is a tragedy. Yes, I believe Zimmerman is about as crazy as a schizophrenic fox on peyote, and he should have been arrested immediately. And yes, I believe he had been absolutely itching to shoot someone and he, himself, has been essentially a loaded gun for quite some time, and Trayvon was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Tragic.

OK. We good? Good.
What has my panties in a knot are these continuous tirades about young black men wearing hoodies and how it's negative stereotyping and racial profiling... blah... blah... blah...

I don't want to sound like I'm anti-American, but it's not always about race and not everything is about America. Yes, in THIS case, I believe it WAS an issue - but it was a personal issue that Zimmerman had. We all know that The States loves to think that they are at the apex of every issue, but here's the thing - hoodies have already been a HUGE fucking problem in the UK for more than a decade and it has absolutely nothing to do with race.


What it has more to do with is smart ass teenagers of every colour commiting crimes with their hoodies covering their faces so they cannot be caught on CCTV cameras. Kids are dumb assholes, regardless of race! It has gone so far as they had put in place an "Anti-social Behaviour Order" (ASBO) when I was living there in 2005, where youth that were purposely hiding their faces with hoodies (among other offences) would be faced with a fine, whether they are committing a crime or not.

Am I saying that I agree with this? No.

Not entirely, anyway.

By having the government telling us what we can and cannot wear certainly does infringe upon our rights, buuuutttt... I've also been on the other side of this when I was walking my dog alone at night, and 5 teens in hoodies approached me. I'll admit that they could have, for all I know, been the starting line up for the national basketball team, but it didn't matter; I was absolutely terrified.

It's because their faces were hidden.

And there is no fucking way that some one could convince me that (mostly) teen boys don't wear their hoodies up over their faces for practically no other reason but to look tough... unless it's hailing. Of course that's why! It's an "image"; it's a fashion statement that says, "Look, I'm bad ass." 

Just like when I was going to University in the late 90s and I lived in a part of town where I was certainly the minority. There was a fashion trend for young men to wear nylons on their heads. I remember the first time I saw it I was absolutely floored. Isn't wearing an item that its sole purpose is to hide one's identity DURING A ROBBERY in fact helping feed into that negative stereotype? I mean, come on...

It's like if I walked around wearing a shirt that said 'Cheap White Trash' (I totally have that, btw) and then get offended when someone calls me cheap white trash. I can't expect to have it both ways, and neither should anyone else!

So please, I just cannot stomach seeing this horrible incident being the catalyst in creating some racially-filled mountain out of a non-denominational mole hill.

Hoodies have had negative connotations for quite some time. I don't give a fuck if it is part of your volleyball team's uniform, it is the truth. Just look at executioners in the 18th century, or those horrible white-hooded rednecks on horses... and don't even forget Little Red Riding Hood; she was one sneaky bitch, for sure.

Can you honestly tell me that you'd be OK with leaving your Mercedes unlocked with these fine young (Caucasian, I'll point out) gentlemen hanging around it? Not. Fucking. Likely.



  1. Great points! Hoodies do cause people to be uneasy regardless of race. A lot of times you can't even tell what race a person is with the hoodies pulled over their heads.

    People have the right (to a certain extent) to wear what they want to wear, but that doesn't mean that they can't expect some judgment to come their way from other people. We can say "never judge a book by its cover" all day long, but no one in their right mind will do it.

    As for Americans, yes, we always think everything is about us. I blame politicians for that. They've instilled the "we can do no wrong" attitude with this country and basically, all we do is wrong.

  2. Heh.

    I brought that up because when I was watching the American feed of the news and some US talk shows over the past few days, they all seem so shocked and appalled at this "new" issue... ummm... hello, America? It's actually a very old issue. lol

  3. Thank's what I have been saying all along. Hoodies aren't a race issue. They are used for ease and convienence of covering ones face whilst committing crimes....and criminals of all ages, races,genders,creeds etc...where them . oh and ski masks too.

  4. I absolutely agree that this incident has absolutely nothing to do with race altho the media clearly does or more accurately, they're attempting to make it so. I read a news feed, I think ABC News and they described Zimmerman as a WHITE HISPANIC. I have NEVER heard that term! Does that mean Obama is a white african american? Am I an Italian hungarian?? For fucks sake, where do you draw the line?? Are we going to go down the list of nationalities??

    And the hoodies.. My boys are all dark, solidly built Italian boys. Sweet as can be, total gentlemen but put a hoodie on 'em and they look like HOODlums! I totally get it. I don't mind if they wear them but they don't need to wear the hoods up and hunch over like they're some thug. *That* I def. don't go for.

  5. It has turned into a MAJOR race war. And it's probably going to get worse. Great post!! I agree with you. As usual. :)

  6. @Boobies

    I know - and it's so sad, because it really isn't.


    I've never heard of that term either. Does that make me Mutt White?
    White Italian Saxon, possibly 1/16 Native?

  7. Everything about this story bugs the shit out of me. And, as usual, the media has twisted and turned every single detail into such a mangled mess, who the fuck knows what went down.

    I don't even know what to say about it because I don't want to comment on some fictional bullshit created by the media and I haven't the slightest clue what is fact and what isn't.

  8. @Rebecca

    I agree with you.
    The 'actual' fact that I hooked on to was that he had made something like 50+ calls (or some ridiculous amount) to 911 for bullshit paranoid reasons. He's obviously a nut job that was just itching to be a vigilante.

  9. UGH! I agree with you 100%
    It's a tragedy but do we really need the whole race war thing? Fuck. If it was a white kid that got shot we would have heard about the crazy fox on peyote once and it would have been over.
    Bad shit, tragic shit, horrific shit happens everyday.

  10. Everything in America these days is about race, politics, or both.

    It's sad to see a dead child being turned into a political pawn. Both sides are trying to leverage the situation to their advantage.

    And for the hoodie issue? Thank you. This needed to be said. The US is not the center of the universe, and we need to be reminded of this every now and then.

  11. FWIW: White Hispanic isn't a mix, really. For example, many Cubans are essentially white, and there is a fairly large contingent of blonde/blue-eyed Mexicans

    Reason it exists is because of racist attitudes toward dark skin. Many light-skinned Hispanics (and Blacks) look down upon darker-skinned folks.

    And that's the racism at work, just like it is with Trayvon Martin.

    It doesn't matter is George Zimmerman is a racist. He saw Trayvon as a threat because of the dark skin. You don't hear stories of many white kids being shot in the U.S. while wearing hoodies. In fact, I never have. So, racism endemic to society made Trayvon look "suspicious."

    More importantly, the lack of action against Zimmerman, the attempted coverups and lies so far, and the attempts to smear Taryvon are ALL about racism.

  12. Preach! Totally agree with your points there. The media is totally blowing the whole thing up too. I heard on the news that Spike Lee tweeted what he thought was Zimmerman's address and phone number (he was wrong btw) and this poor old couple is now afraid to go home because of all the death threats they are getting!!! WTF people????
    Basically, if you have on a hoodie and it ain't ARE portraying a certain skeeziness and you need to recognize that.

    And all the people said...."AMEN"

  13. Amen to this!!!!!!!!

    I just don't have the balls to say it myself.

    Have you heard of reverse racism? It's completely outta control in America.

  14. Badass fashion is ok with me. Wearing a hood to protect from the elements is cool. But fear induced by anonymity and the lack of accountability is UNcool. Remember the riots across the UK last summer? Same deal.

    Great post.

  15. So I've got a hoodie in every shade of grey there is but I don't think I have ever had the hood in the upright position for any reason. Maybe once, because of weather. I'm wearing one now that I went shopping in public - but being a girl in a hoodie is different right?

  16. @Coffee Lovin' Mom

    I have about 4 hoodies too - I love them, but yes, I don't wrap the hood around my face and try to intimate people. I don't think it's entirely male - I taught high school in the UK and there were some SCARY girls, yo! lol

  17. You made me realize something....I live about 30 minutes from where all this went down. Where it has been 80-85 degrees for months. Why the fuck was he wearing a hoodie anyway?

    I can't stand that he died but I also cannot stand how crazy people are going over this without all the facts being available to them. I'm sick of hearing about the racism aspect. You're right. This was ONE man's problem. Racism exists, obviously, but I'm tired of the "I'm not Caucasian so hear me fucking ROAR about this case..."

    I'm gonna leave it at that.

  18. I just want to jump in and say that from now on I'm using chavy as an insult because it's sublime.

    As are you.

  19. I work with a demographic that is not that popular in society. I assist them with getting their shit together and jobs. One of the programs we offer is a training program to give them job experience and the biggest rule? NO HOODIES.
    Automatic dismissal if ignored.

  20. You bring up a lot of good points, especially that lots of things come down to race - when they really aren't about race at all. The thing that probably burns me the most though is how many people are sure they know what happened. We don't know. We never will. I hope Zimmerman acted in self-defense, I really do because otherwise it makes my stomach turn. But that's for a jury to decide - not me.

  21. We moved to US from England a few years ago and were there during the big hoodie lockdown. I am with you. It is sad that the law had to come about to begin with. But the way I see it, once it is written in black and white it becomes very obvious who is choosing to brake the law. I like being nude but I know it is not OK to go about my town like that. Right?


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