Mar 15, 2012

Effective Marketing? Heck, yes!

It's often the little details in life that make us the most happy, and today was one of those days. 
Why? Because I found these in a hidden gem of a local shop. 

Yes, probably.

If I had one, I sure would!

Well, fuck. That just goes without saying.

OK. HOW AWESOME ARE THOSE? I know you can pick up 5 bottles of generic hand sanitizer for a buck, but my gawd, the packaging makes it almost worth the 400% mark-up. I am, however, a cheap ass motherfucker, so I didn't buy them. I thought my stealth photography was enough.
I consider them a package deal - a crazy mental health package, if you may.

There's an "I'm savin' up for some therapy!" bank, a "Happy Mood" supplies box,
and the pièce de résistance? CHILL PILLS. These may just be the best ice cubes ever! 
Can you just imagine having these floating in your booze while you drink your worries away? 
Just me? Doubt it.

And that is why I'm giving this mental health package away! 
Leave your best idea to continue this hand sanitizer series in the comments.
Foxy over at Fox in the City is going to be my honorary co-judge, so it won't be entirely biased. Yay! 
I hope to get some good ones - and I'll use my deviant photoshoppin' skills to create the best ones.

Come on - I know you're thinking of one right now...


  1. For the hand sanitizer, I have an easy one that all guys will agree with:

    HEY! HEY! I SAW YOU! You just used the urinal and DIDN'T WASH YOUR HANDS! EEEEWWWW!!

    I see at least one guy do this daily when I'm on the road. Disgusting.

  2. "I saw you pick your nose while you were driving!"

    "I know where your hand has been...thanks for that by the way. ;)"

    "Because the world is full of depraved people...I would know, I am one."

    :) that was fun...I'm sure I'll have more but it's 7am and I'm off to work. I'm sure I'll be tweeting more. lol.

  3. Holy crap those hand sanitizers are freakin expensive!

  4. "You're the reason people fist bump."
    "After Jack"

  5. "I don't care how much it itches (and I don't believe you)"

  6. "One night stand? Let's clean that hand."

  7. Ha ha ha! I love "Because you touch your genitals." Perfection. I need that for my husband. And son. :)

  8. How about these:

    U just cleaned your toe jamb hand sanitizer

    After naval lint hand sanitizer

    Holy shit was was that sticky stuff hand sanitizer

  9. How about "Ugh. I KNEW it." Or "That feels like a bad touch."

  10. Sweet!! Keep them coming.
    They are hilarious :)

  11. I'm thinking a picture of Howie Mandel on the bottle with the caption "Howie is next to godliness."

    Or "Antibacterial Splooge Remover"

    I might have just wanted my comment to involve Howie Mandel and splooge. But not Howie's splooge. That's just gross.

  12. "On those fingers, the stink still lingers."

    "You Say Your Hooch's Been Vandalized?? I Think It's Time To Sanitize!"

    For the ho's in the hood.
    "Sanitize those nasty thighs!"

  13. Sanitize those nasty thighs! <--- OMFG.

  14. To hand to sketchy gynecologists or grabby dates: You want to reach inside? First you got to sanitize!

  15. More for the ho's:

    Before you touch that John, you'd better rub this on!

    For the Johns:
    You don't know where she's been, rub this the hell on in!

  16. Got another for the ho's:

    Unless you want a big ole itch, you'd better squirt a little bit!

  17. Hahahahahaha! OMG judging is going to be way harder than I originally thought . . . you guys are a bunch of deprives genuises!

  18. Got another one for those ho's and johns:

    Before you get down and freaky....better make sure you're clean and squeaky

  19. Before the bars slam shut squirt some on your butt

  20. I was just going to say the mark-ups are redic. You should just buy a generic bottle and put a funny label on it.
    I love some of the ideas in these comments. How about, before the Vaseline, make sure your hands are clean?

  21. Those hand sanitizer packages are fantastic!


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