Dec 27, 2010

The Sum of All Me.

I was inspired to write this post thanks to Strawberry Freckles. It's been a fantastic year of meeting other bloggers and really coming into my own with my writing. I thank you sincerely for those who have read anything I've posted. Thank you!! Will be wrapping up this year with my 100th post - whatta way to finish this year - stay tuned!

I’m going to be 33 at the end of January – but I often still feel like a kid. I often look at my children, husband, house and all the responsibilities that come with them and think, “Holy Shit, when did THAT happen?”

I live in Ontario and most of my family is here, so it’s where I will always call home, but I have left big pieces of my heart in Melbourne, AUS and Edinburgh, UK.

I love the Collingwood Magpies; and they finally won the AFL premiership this year, so all you haters can suck it!

My mother is my hero.

My father passed away 6 weeks before I was born - and I was born on his birthday.

I am a Creative Director; mainly I design websites and online marketing strategies. I have a Fine Art degree and was a high school art & design/photography teacher for a few years – turns out I hate other people’s children – especially adolescences. I wish I had more time to paint, but writing seems to be the more convenient outlet for my lifestyle at this present time.

I have 2 incredible boys – twins – born January 2009. They are exhausting but every time they smile and call me Mommy, my heart melts.

I have mild O.C.D; I prefer things in even numbers – 4, if possible. If not, 2 will suffice.

I'm known to quote movies in mid-conversation, like: 'No one at Westerberg is going to let you play their reindeer games.' (Heather Chandler, Heathers, 1989) I can remember a ridiculous amount of useless information but forget the important stuff.

My favorite band of all time will always be Pearl Jam, although I admit I don't listen to them a lot anymore.

My husband’s sex drive is about 1/10 of mine, but he knew what he was getting in to before he married me. He chooses not to read my blog, and I’m thankful for that. I did let him read the girl-on-girl post though – he thoroughly enjoyed that. I think that it briefly raised his sex drive up to about 4/10 of mine.

We have 2 dogs; a Boston Terrier x Pug (Bugg) who is completely insane; and a Pug x Pekingese (Puginese) that snorts and snores. They are both royal pains in my ass, but I love them so much!

I am very, very competitive; I like to win. I played rep basketball and softball all though elementary and high school. I played basketball in University as well, but I had bigger fish to fry by that point. I coached boys' basketball when I was teaching - I enjoyed that a lot - girls' basketball is so bitchy!

I love television; I watch way too much.

I’m a curvy size 18/20 and it drives me insane that the clothes that are available to me never truly reflect who I am on the inside. (My avatar on this site is how I feel on the inside:) My weight goes up and down constantly, but I do have a large frame and a size 16 is the smallest I’ve ever been at the height of fitness and health – so to me, size is always relative. I’m not one of those women that could get a gastric band and melt down to a size 4 – it’s not physically possible in my case.

I fall in love easily – I have a big heart and love being sentimental. In the past, many people have misconstrued this for going ‘over-board’ or being too ‘full-on’ but it’s just who I am. I usually end up getting hurt in the end, one way or another, but it’s not like I can learn from it – this is me.

I have a sweet tooth. As much as I'm a horny bitch, it's highly possible that I would chose a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard over sex, given the option.

I started doing naughty things with boys when I was 5, and even naughtier when I was 12 - but miraculously didn't lose my virginity until I was 16.

I love dragonflies and turtles. I have a turtle collection from places around the world; I have at least 40 and counting but I have contained them to 1 curio cabinet – for the sake of my husband’s sanity; I met my husband online!

I miss my grandpa.

I have 2 tattoos and am currently planning a third that is a kickass version of my wedding bouquet; every flower represents someone or something. 

I met all the members of Powderfinger and had drinks with them; they all signed my copy of Internationalist. One of my other most prized possessions is a Dogma poster signed by Kevin Smith. I finally got to see him speak in person just this year. I've been working on a screen play for 4 years now; I could use his help :)

Oh yeah... and I’ve written 4 children’s books and have a little empire of fictional characters – 137 and counting. :)


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! And thanks for the things about you I discovered in the post above! Stopping by from Monday Mingle and following!

  2. Pearl Jam? Me too! Me too! I LOVE those guys! Ok, I really just love Eddie ;-) I'm 33 and still have a crush on the guy!

    Happy Monday Darling! xo

  3. @jen - My husband is perfectly aware that given the opportunity, I would do Eddie in a second - and he is at peace with being #2 in my heart. LOL.

  4. I am a new follower from Monday Mingle. See you.

  5. I have the opposite problem w sex-drive....After the birth of our son, I couldn't do it for over 5 months. Probably didn't help I had stitched down there. And now, I'm down to 5% of where I used to be. Is that a side effect of motherhood?? I'm never in the mood!

    Twins!! wow!!! How do you do it??

    As far as your like even numbers right? I HAVE to set the alarm on an odd number. never 5:57 or 7:13 ....or 9:21...wierd? yeah...LoL...

    My favorite number of all time is's a clock time...but that number!!

  6. @Jill - I think it's normal - and I'm just a freak of nature. As soon as my C-section stitches healed, I was ready to go - but he wasn't. haha.

    I like 11:11 as well.. but because it adds up to 4!

    As far as my twins go? I dunno how I do it - one day at a time - holding on by a thread. :)

  7. i love that you told stuff about yourself here. when i first dropped by your blog, the pic at the top appealed to me because that's much more "me" than the me that shows on the outside now too. so i keep my tattoos hidden away & just dream of pink hair & perky titties. maybe in another life.

  8. You are such a creative woman. It's very admirable! :) I know what you mean about the OCD. I'm the same way as well.

    I'm more like your husband when it comes to the sex drive. lol.

    Happy Holidays, love! It's a pleasure of mine to follow you!

  9. I use quotes about movies and tv shows in my every day conversation too. Really confuses people that don't watch as much entertainment as I do. :-) I've heard that the 30s are when sex drive peaks. I'm already seeing a change at 27 from 25. Woohoo! Hubby better watch out! ;-)
    Cookie dough blizzard=heaven. I haven't had one in years!

  10. @Date Girl There's no way in hell I could go years without one! lol.
    I just mentioned that sex drive peak to my hubby the other day - he's in deep shit if I get any worse!
    But.. he IS getting better at recognizing quotes that I use. 7 years of training is proving well spent. HAHA.

  11. so I'm sitting here and it's like 1 something in the fucking morning and I changed my URL....idk if that fucks my shit up or not, but every time I click on my post it shows doesn't exist haha, can you say freaking out...I'm a dumb beezy I suppose but here's my new url :)

  12. I loved getting to know you!! We have, oh I dunno, a DOZEN things in common!! Loved this!!
    Congrats on the 100th post!

  13. Such a great list! I too have mild OCD (I selt-diagnosed myself) - I feel the same way about even numbers and things must always be symmetric. lol :)

  14. I find it perfect how you prefer even numbers and you had twins, couldn't have timed that better. I have so enjoyed the blog ride with you and look forward to many many more wonderful tales.

  15. This is so wicked! Some great surprises in here...

  16. I have the even number problem too. My second son was due on 8/8/08, and that was all I could think about. Then my waters broke early and we had an emergency caesar and he was only 4 pounds, 1 ounce at full term. That cured me of my even number OCD.
    Visiting from the Fibro, love your stuff. Will be back. :)

  17. Hi! You and I sound a lot alike! I have twins as well, but they are 6 years old. Our personalities seem a lot alike,too. You may like you like my other blog

    ..I'm following you now!

  18. I have just found your blog and it's fab. I think after reading that there is a piece of your heart in Edinburgh (where I currently live) and that you have meet Powderfinger (Internationalist is one of my all time favourite albums)you have won me over. Looking forward to reading more.

  19. Ohhh... well, then you will LOVE the photos I will be posting next week... stay tuned :)

  20. You have this crazy cool factor. It's off the charts.
    So I've been to 23 Pearl Jam concerts and I totally got your Heathers quote. So now we're friends.
    And there's nothing you can say to convince me otherwise.

  21. OK wait, you know how I said I loved you? This Magpies thing has me worried... My kids have been tainted by their Uncle Wazza and my parents so I must love them. But you, well I suppose I can make this one exception.
    One Eyed Hawks supporter!


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