May 23, 2013

Looking forward

I'm still not always convinced that a third child will be coming into our family in a few short months. Then yesterday, I saw my sons' faces light up and eyes bug out when they saw the ultrasound for the first time and gosh dang it -- what can I say? My stony heart melted.

Certain things I can now start to look forward to have begun to set in, like:
  • No more sad attempts at trying to use those stupid pee-pee tee-pees for the pure novelty of them. 
  • No more urine soaked drapes and walls.
  • No more clumping Vaseline around miniature circumcisions.
  • My yelling of, "Get your hands out of your pants!" will not increase by another 1/3.
  • No more (than usual) walking into bath time where I've indeed uninterrupted something special between a boy and his penis.

And why's that?

Well, because this baby is a girl!




  1. Yay! Now you have someone to awkwardly explain the process of tampon use and how to use boobs to her advantage (a lesson that was lost on me, seeing as I'm built like a 12-year-old boy.) In all seriousness, congrats!!!

  2. @Abby

    I have NO problem with any of that. I'll probably be TOO honest & blunt, embarrassing her more than I ever could embarrass myself. HAHA

  3. Oh don't be so certain that your little girl won't be able to soak drapes or walls . . . just so ya know!

  4. Well, I've got a different change table set up this time anyway ;p

  5. Fantastic news! A baby sister for those boys to pick on and protect. Priceless.

  6. Given the stories about your twins, I cannot wait for this.

    A hoot and a half, it will be!


  7. Holy crap I haven't been around for a while you've clearly been having sex while I've been away. Congrats on getting laid

  8. @Jessica

    LOL. Thanks. It was brief. Back to square one. Sigh ;)

  9. And a girl! Aaaaaaaaw!

    It's just all happiness over here. You can try to be a cynic, Lady E, but you've got mush written all over you.

    I'm so happy for you. My husband talked about taking full advantage of our friend's baby in his arms while they put the stroller in the car, and I was all - we can have another! He just snorted.

  10. Whoo hoo! But I have news for you - little boys aren't the only ones who put their hands down their pants, although they do it more frequently than girls. But yay for no more spraying pee!


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