May 6, 2013

Abercrombie's a Bitch

I don't know if you've read the lasted "fashion philosophy" by Abercrombie & Fitch but basically, they refuse to make clothes over a size 10 because they only want thin, popular, beautiful people wearing their clothes. A-to-the-motherfucking-Hem. (Here's the full, nauseating article.)

Because everyone over a size 10 is ugly and uncool?

Since the "average" woman's size is a 12/14, I'll like to wave to Abercrombie while they sit up there on their high horse . . .
all by themselves.

What I'd like to ask A&F is whether or not they are, in fact, aware that "uncool" people come in small sizes? Do they have their own version of the Walmart people greeter standing at the door, inspecting each customer's attractiveness before they're granted permission to enter through the velvet rope?

Not bloody likely.

I made these ads to illustrate my disdain for this company. Yay!

Uh huh.

I should mention in that article, there are shout outs to fashion brands that are much more on the level when it comes to enforcing positive women's body images in all sizes, and that's fantastic. 

As for Abercrombie? Adios, douchebags!

*Creative note: I don't like labeling people on degrees of "coolness" either, but I typed in "nerd girl" and got that first image, so really, a search engine chose it for me ;)


  1. I like your illustrations. A&F so completely grosses me out. Why is it that stores that do these douchey moves are the ones that cater to tween/teen markets (aka the most emotionally venerable!) I don't think I've stepped foot in there since I was a teen. Heaven help me if my daughters want to shop there when they get older.

  2. Love what Stephanie said! xxx

  3. Ugh, that's so infuriating... what a disgusting idea to be promoting to teens and tweens...

  4. What's really sad about this isn't the fact that you or I want to shop there (I don't you?. It's that there are going to be size 12 teenage girls who want to shop there because all of their friends and classmates do, and now THEY can't. Just another thing to single people out and give them a reason to feel bad a bout themselves.

  5. @Leigh Ann
    Oh, hell yes. I didn't even know their logo was a moose -- that's how much I give a crap about their clothes, but I am steaming mad for those poor teens/tweens that this will affect negatively upon.

  6. I've never set foot in an A&F store.

    I know I'm not cool enough to wear their clothes.

    And I am completely ok with that.

    It is disgusting, however, the way they market themselves, given their target audience. No way in hell will my kids ever wear their shit.

  7. LOVE.

    Do you watch Mad Men? I do. And I think Joan is one of the sexiest women alive. And guess what? She wouldn't fit into A&F clothing. Then again, would she want to???

  8. @Anonymous

    It's not that they are discriminating against "fat people" -- there's many brands that only make specific sizes -- but the fact that they are claiming that ALL people over a size 10 are "uncool" and "unpopular". That's the most disgusting part.

  9. I'd rather spend my money eating and being a little chubby as a result then trying to be "cool" and fit into their jeans. What a bunch of nobs!

  10. Fun idea - go to a thrift shop, but A&F t-shirts or whatnot (as long as the name is prominent), and modify to fit larger sized people - side panels, etc. I'd wear one to piss off the A&F jack offs. :D (evil laugh)


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