Aug 29, 2010

The Dynamic Trio

I have always taken ownership of my own actions and choices and for the most part, I was at peace with what I did, but of course, I have had occasional lapses of judgment. Nobody’s perfect! There was a close knit unit of friends and family that were strong long before and after I had come along. There were two brothers, only 1 year apart and looked like twins, and the best mate of the eldest brother; all 3 of them were ginger (or ‘Red Knobs’ was the more common term back then).

I was dating the best mate for quite some time, which is how I had come to join their merry band of Red Knobs. I got to know all the parents, other siblings and even a couple grandparents. I felt welcomed and enjoyed the group dynamic of their other extended friends and girlfriends. I became close with the eldest brother’s girlfriend for awhile, but then she started getting all funny with me. Apparently, she mistook my close friendship with her boyfriend as flirtation and didn’t appreciate it. For Christ’s Sake! It only took that one doubt to create tension amongst the group. Of course, I didn’t have any romantic feelings towards him, especially since I was dating his best mate, but it didn’t matter.

A while later I had broken up with my boyfriend but we still managed to maintain an awkward friendship, which meant I was still invited to parties and other hangouts with the group. One drunken night I was out with the two brothers and the girlfriend and by the end of the night, I found myself behind a bush rounding third base with the younger brother, who I wasn’t even remotely attracted to; I guess it was more about opportunity and availability. It probably wasn’t the best idea I ever had, but there I was, with my pants unzipped, making out and getting felt up and down by the youngest of their ‘dynamic trio’.

Big surprise, that younger brother was pretty proud of himself and by the next weekend, the jokes were not being held back. We were all hanging out in their main room (I was the only girl this time) and after a few minutes of silence, the younger brother offered his two fingers to my ex-boyfriend and said, “Recognise the smell?” All the guys burst into hysterics, but I was completely mortified.

Jump forward a couple years, I had moved away and had recently moved back. I was catching up with old friends and even though my ex-boyfriend had long since moved away, the eldest brother was around. I really did enjoy our friendship back in high school (we had the same sense of humour), so I invited him out for drinks. We went back to my flat and after exchanging stories of the ‘good old days’ and having a great time, we ended up in bed. Surprisingly, it was absolutely fantastic sex and thus I had completed the ‘dynamic trio’. Although we both had no intentions of a relationship, he continued to come around for these ‘special visits’ for a couple months. After the first time, however, I briefly heard his long-since-ex-girlfriend in the back of my mind bitching at me, “I told you so!” O well.

While it was over a span of about 5 years, I still don’t exactly feel fantastic about the fact that these 3 guys, who were brothers, blood or not, all had me in one way or another. I have a photo of all 3 of them together and it’s when I see this photo that I think to myself, “You fucking skank!” Haha.

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  1. OMG! I has something so similar... 2 brothers and a best buddy. We're sluts. Love it. haha.


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