Aug 30, 2010

A Swedish Shower

Being an exchange student in Canada was the most amazing experience in my young life. Far, far from home however, I was bound by the strictest of rules as my new guardians tried to protect the innocence of my youth. Fellow exchange students used to laugh at the rules. They all were easy to remember as they were the called 'The Four D' rules; No drinking, No driving, No drugs... and No dating!

I didn’t care for the driving or the drugs but like most 17 year-old girls the dating was an issue. With hormones bubbling over it wasn’t just the dating that was discouraged – girls and guys were kept from fraternising. Thankfully however, a trip to the countryside provided me with an opportunity to test the rules...

The adults organised a trip to Temogami, a place to experience the thrills of the Canadian Wilderness. Snow-covered woodlands, icy rivers and unspoilt beauty. Log cabins had been booked to house all the exchange students from different parts of the world. We would learn the skills of making fire with flints, orienteering and first aid.

After an exhausting day I was given the task of watching over the fire in the cabin and keep it alight, with fellow exchange student, Inga, from Sweden. Inga would keep me company after all, and I was hopeful that we’d have something in common and things to talk about.

As everybody slept, Inga drew me in with tales of her home in Sweden. The fire burned on, keeping us warm on the rug. Inga was disarming; her soft blonde hair fell on her face as she gently spoke. It was the middle of the night. Was I sleepy or was I finding Inga’s green eyes completely hypnotic? I found myself lost in her words. In a low whisper she said ‘I want to take a shower with you...’ without waiting for my reply she described how she would gently rub my body, my back first to relax me. Then she’d take my neck and shoulders in her hands, lathering, rubbing, and washing me. Oh my God. Was I hearing this?

I felt shivers of excitement. Suddenly, I found myself completely turned on and wanting her. I looked at her. My breathing was shallow. My mouth wide open and wet. I couldn’t even breathe.I learnt something about myself at this moment. Was I 'bi'? I learnt that the only thing that mattered was finding that damn shower-room!!

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  1. Oh darling. You should have told me that sooner. hahaaa.


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