Douche regularly with Lysol

Feb 15, 2013

I saw this somewherethefuck a while ago and tucked it away for a day like today. Please consider this my belated Valentine's Day gift to you -- because I just love Valentine's Day. Ahem.

But seriously, how horrifically hilarious is this?! Wow. We were even MORE stupid back then that I could have ever possibly imagined. I wouldn't be surprised if we found another old ad telling us to blow carbon monoxide up our asses to make our farts disappear.

Doubt. Inhibitions. Ignorance . . . INDEED.

And if by some chance it's fake (I actually hope it's fake), then it's just amusing in a fabulously warped way.
I would feel much better in knowing that our grandmothers did not, in fact, douche with Lysol. But then again, it might explain some things . . . like Donald Trump.


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  1. Rebecca said...:

    My grandmother swears up and down that she douched with vinegar back in the day.

    I can't even imagine.

    GOOD LUCK on your audition!! Kick some ass!

    You better have done SOMETHING with your hair, for gawd's sake.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I hope that is indeed a joke. I couldn't even imagine. Lysol? Seriously? WTF?


  1. Vinny C said...:

    Methinks if Dave has locked himself in another room because her feminine allure was so lacking in daintiness, she’s probably got problems even Lysol can’t fix.

  1. Laura@Catharsis said...:

    I saw the chick on Boardwalk Empire douching with Lysol to prevent pregnancy. OUCH.

  1. Lady Estrogen said...:


    That's effin' crazy -- but I would assume effective? ugh.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    This is very real but it wasn't as popular as the ad suggested.

  1. handflapper said...:

    My mom must have douched all the damn time because she had an actual bright red douche bag hanging in the bathtub with a hose and nozzle and everything. At the time we kids were too little to know or care what it was, but now, looking back, What. The. Fuck. Mom.

  1. Maria said...:

    The first time that I saw a douche bag, I asked my Da what it was. He blushed furiously and suggested that I ask my Mother. He must not have warned her in time because when I asked her, she looked flabbergasted and then said, "It's something we use to clean cow udders." (I grew up on a farm...) Fast break now to my first day of college in the dorm when I spotted a douche bag in another girl's dorm room. She could have ruined my rep on campus, instead she educated me. She was from Mississippi and explained everything in this deep Southern accent. I was terrified. Do what?

    Lysol once cleaned the rust off a hub cap on a car that my partner was working on. I am so glad that I never douched with Lysol. I prefer to keep my rust.

  1. T. Roger Thomas said...:

    Why is there such a disconnect between doctors and the public?

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