Jun 7, 2010

6-Pack Pretty Boy

When you leave high school, you get a fresh start; a clean slate. I moved on to campus in my first year of University. A guy had taken interest in me that would NEVER have done so– if he was from my old high school. He was the super hot quarter-back with a sprinkle of smouldering bad boy. Many teenage girls’ secret fantasy (even if many would deny it). Now, this wasn’t love, per se. It was purely physical, and we were both cool with that. We didn't really have much in common anyway, except for partying and sex. He actually had a girlfriend that was attending another university about 6 hours away. They probably had that delusional talk before high school graduation: “Yes, we’ll stay together after high school... it won’t matter that we’ll be so far apart...nothing will change. We love each other.” Yeah, OK.

One night, after a good romp in the sack with my 6-pack pretty boy, he left and I migrated to the living room where some of my roommates were hanging out. About 10 minutes had passed and he came bursting back into our place, white as a ghost and panicked.

“She’s here! She’s asleep in my bed!”


“My girlfriend! She must have taken the bus for hours to come and surprise me! Oh shit! What the fuck should I do now? I can’t go back there like this!”

OK, so I got him to calm down; deep breaths. All he really had to do was take a quick shower to get the sweat and sex off him. No worries. My roommates thought it was pretty entertaining... so did I. Although I had met his girlfriend once before, I had zero connection to her. I didn’t feel any kind of “sisterhood betrayal” towards her. He showered, dried off and left for a second time. He didn’t come back again that night, so we thought that was that.

The next morning the two of them came over for a visit, which we all thought was slightly bizarre. I could tell he was extremely uncomfortable about it. Apparently, out of all the people she met last time she was over, she particularly liked me. She thought I was funny, and wanted to come over and hang out. She was so doe-eyed and astonishingly naive. OK, so that tweaked a tingle of guilt deep within me, but I still never lost any sleep over it.

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